Oooh, a sunset… That’s never been done before, right?


I don’t do sunsets too often, but I sure appreciate them. Fact is, I’m usually home settling in for the evening by the time the sun’s setting. I know, lame excuse. 🙂 Anyway, I shot this Sunday on my way home from Kensington Market. The field is just around the corner from my house, which was fortuitous. So back to work tomorrow. I actually really need another day off. Just one more day and I’ll be caught up with my chores and stuff. I should have stayed home Sunday and worked, but it was just too nice out. Anyway, what can you do. Happy Monday and hope you have a great week.

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9 Responses to Oooh, a sunset… That’s never been done before, right?

  1. Nelson says:

    best light of the day is probably at sunset

  2. this one has never been done before, ever, until you did it. Beautiful.

  3. Nothing wrong with a day off, especially when you get a beautiful picture from it!

  4. Lovely sunset! I missed it Sunday night – so nice to see 🙂
    I too need another day or 2 or 3!

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