Toronto Zombie Walk 2014


So I made it down for the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk yesterday. I didn’t actually stay and walk with the dead, but I did get a few nice pre-walk photos. Frankly, I just wasn’t into taking pictures or being around people yesterday. I didn’t have it in me to push my way to a good spot to shoot the zombies. I think there were as many photographers as there were walkers. And the walkers were “posing” for the photographers, which doesn’t really work for me. I want candid shots of them walking with few to no other people around them. Now the event is held at Nathan Phillip Square out front of City Hall and it’s lost the charm it once has when it used to take place at Trinity Bellwoods Park out on Queen West. A park setting seemed to work better, in my opinion. But I understand they outgrew that location, so this one makes sense. Anyway, it was a fun afternoon, so to speak. I only got a handful of photos I like but at least I got out. Today I’m heading to the final Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday of the season. Again, I don’t really feel up to it but I’m forcing myself. Have a great Sunday.

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4 Responses to Toronto Zombie Walk 2014

  1. Frances says:

    Your pics are still fantastic even if you were not in the mood. It was my first time going – I wish I had experienced the park setting – the pics from previous years seem to be more exciting than this year. Feel better!

  2. First time to the Zombie Walk on Saturday, and even though I had never been to the park setting, I’d have to agree with you on the type of atmosphere in the square. It was very much a photo-op event rather than a pre-walk party event. That being said, I too was there specifically to get some shots – even if I did bring my kids – so it could be said I was part of the problem. Like your shot above, most of mine are tight and shallow depth of field to remove the people milling about behind.

    • Yeah, the people in the background look like tourists at Disneyland or something. Totally ruined most of mine. Oh well. Glad to hear you made it out. You got some good shots of zombies I didn’t even come across.

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