Toronto Old City Hall


I snapped this back in the summer from the south side of Queen Street. I was walking under the overhang of a large hotel and used it to frame my subject. I suppose I could have straightened the shot but I sort of like it like this. Anyway, hope you like it too.

I just noticed I’ve broken the 900 followers threshold. (924 as of this writing) So thanks a bunch. Won’t be long until I break the 1,000 mark. It’s kinda strange, though, as I usually average only tens of visitors a day. Having lots of followers doesn’t translate into lots of visitors, it would appear. That’s okay, though; we all lead busy lives.

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2 Responses to Toronto Old City Hall

  1. Nelson says:

    I think if they look at your blog through their READER instead of landing on your website, it does not count as a visit

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