Light show


This was some really interesting light reflecting onto this old stone building downtown. The problem was, it was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and hardly anyone was out. For the shot to work I needed a subject passing through that light at just the right moment. I must have waited a half hour until someone finally came along. I’ve never been so nervous about a shot, since I had only one take to capture him both in the light and with his legs apart in mid step. I think it worked out well. After he passed by another came along and I got him, too, but that one I’ve dialed up in black & white and will post at a later date. Anyway, hope you like it.

Well it’s getting colder here in Toronto and it looks like this might be the very last weekend nice enough to get all those leaves bagged for the season. I had it all done last weekend but my neighbour didn’t bag his so now they’re all over my sidewalk and up my driveway. But tomorrow I’ll fix that. I’ve also got our Toronto Photo Walks Group anniversary party to attend tomorrow evening. I’m hoping to make it but we’ll see. It’s at a pub way across town and I’m not sure I’m up to driving there and home. And lastly, I’m really hoping to get to a theatre to see “Interstellar” on Sunday. I haven’t been to the movies in ages and this one looks good. Everyone I talk to says you gotta see it in the theatre. Fortunately, I have Monday off, so I should have time Sunday for some me time. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend.

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3 Responses to Light show

  1. Great catch. Lovely light pattern. Wow, a half hour. You’re patient 🙂

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