Mmmmmm…. Pizza!


I was going to write about how I LOVE pizza and how keeping pizza out of my diet is pretty tough. I eat pretty healthy most of the time but in moments of weakness I often call in a pizza for support. But as I was about to talk about that, it got me thinking about how this is such a first world problem. Here I am complaining about not being able to stay away from pizza enough for my liking, while a billion+ people on the planet are either starving or too poor to spend money on such extravagances. I am lucky to have a choice between pizza and no pizza. This December, when you’re out and about doing your shopping consider those who must do without and donate a few bucks to your favourite charity. Good Karma will come your way.

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2 Responses to Mmmmmm…. Pizza!

  1. Dan Traun says:

    Great photo and message. Our grocery stores make donating to the local food shelf easy. They have pre-bagged donation right at the front of the store to pick up, pay for and place in donation cart. Not sure why they only do it over the Thanksgiving & Christmas season. In closing, I second the “Mmmmmm…. Pizza!”

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