Dundas Square sign in black & white


I shot this a while back (early October) during a downtown outing. Actually, it seems I shot everything a while back now, since I haven’t touched my camera in a couple of months. Not sure what the problem is. I just have been feeling flat. I don’t really go out anymore, except alone for a bite or a coffee or something. Haven’t socialized in a long time now, and I have no desire to, either. I do miss it, which is strange. I have two things I’ve been invited to tomorrow but at the moment I can’t imagine attending either. Whatever I’m going through sort of reminds me of back in 2005 when I went through a serious bout of social anxiety disorder. I was pretty much a shut-in for two years. I did finally come out of it, but the truth is you never do really come out of it. You just learn to cope. But there’s always that drag, that gravitational pull, that wants to keep you home and make you turn off your phone and stay away from people. Anyway, right now I have no interest in being around people or taking photos or anything else. Just want to stay in and chill. But who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like heading out. I doubt it, but we’ll see.

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4 Responses to Dundas Square sign in black & white

  1. Thanks for sharing and sadly we all go through things like this .. more than you realize and it’s ok .. has to be! I know personally and I’ll keep you in prayer and sending smiles and blessings!! rick =)

  2. Frances says:

    Well if you ever feel like company – I don’t live far and am up for a coffee or a bite any time – try not to stay inside too long …you know how good it feels once you get out and go for a walk, especially with that camera!!! Merry Christmas

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