Jet Stream


I took this a week back during our group night walk. At the time I really wasn’t sure there’s be anything there to work with, but I think it came out pretty nice. I like the blue and the black together with that streak of contrail from the jet. So I got out with dad today and we went downtown for breakfast. At the next table was a homeless guys (he appeared homeless, with multiple layers of clothing on and a couple of garbage bags of stuff) eating breakfast. When it came time to leave I gave the waitress a $20 and instructed her to use it to pay for his breakfast and to give him whatever change was left. That’s my Christmas Karma action for the day. I felt good being in a position to do something nice for someone, especially someone so clearly in need. I hope the man appreciated the gesture. Anyway, hope you had a good Christmas. Tomorrow I’m going downtown with the camera, so hopefully I’ll have some shots to share. Merry Christmas.

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