Black History


Boy this was a lucky shot taken Saturday. There was this cool light and I notice the guy trying to talk a lady into taking a flyer. Fortunately, he didn’t notice me photograph him, since I did it from the hip. I debated straightening the photo but decided there was more energy to it, left on the angle like that. Anyway, so Christmas break is over. Back to work tomorrow. It was nice while it lasted. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

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3 Responses to Black History

  1. Nelson says:

    Indeed I am not convince too that straightening the photo would improve it

  2. Ardean Peters says:

    This is great shot. The light is amazing. And the framing of him in the door really sets him off. Has a very interesting feel to it. Did you do any editing to it?

    • Thanks. Not much editing, really. I did increase the shadows and clarity on him to bring out more detail. I also lowered the clarity and contrast in the background so he’s stand out better. On Dec 30, 2014 11:52 AM, “the lazy photographer” wrote:


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