Up here, bud…


I shot this a long while back, at Dundas Square. I’m certain it was a hip shot, considering it’s not well composed. But I sort of like it. It’s like he’s bending over to fit into the frame. I also like how the two girls behind him seem entirely oblivious to him. The photo was in a folder and I guess back then I’d passed right by on it because it wasn’t even edited. I’m going through all my folders from the past few years creating a collection for two books; one black & white and the other colour. I’m still less than half way through the 63,000+ images I have to review. But I’ve promised myself that this winter I’ll get it done. Once I have the collections done I’m going to print contact sheets on my laser printer and then decide on just what’ll end up in the books. I’m thinking 60 pages each, meaning 120 images. Deciding on the best 120 images will be a chore, for sure. Anyway, this one won’t be making the cut, but I hope you like it.

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