Haven’t posted a portrait in a while. This is another “found” photo, again from Kensington Market. He was the lead in a band playing at a lovely little restaurant called Kensington Lodge. It’s actually one of the residential houses converted to a little eatery. I remember the band was playing the patio that day. I asked him between sets for a photo and he obliged.

So at the end of the month I’m taking a short portrait and lighting workshop in a studio. I’ll be learning about off camera flash and portraiture photography. I also have a speedlight but no way to trigger it off camera. I’m hoping the workshop will help answer a bunch of questions I have about gear. I already know what lens I want but I’m not sure about what’s the best radio triggers for firing the flash. Anyway, if all works out you will see a change in my style come the summer. The same weekend I’m also getting together with friends to do a workshop on photoshop, which will change things for me, too. This could be a big year for change for me. Time will tell. The type of lighting in the photo is known as split lighting, as it splits the face in half, one side being lit, the other in shadow.

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