Little red house


This one dates back to 2011. I didn’t process it at the time and I can’t say why. Probably just moved on and forgot to get back to this folder. I’m not much for photographing houses or walking through residential neighbourhoods, really. Bores me to death. I need action and people. Anyway, I came across this one last night and decided to process it and see what I could do to liven it up. It won’t be in my book but I do like it. Oh, and this is one of the wide angle shots (but cropped down) from my old Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens. I miss that baby. I’m thinking to buy that new 15-30mm f2.8 Tokina when it hits the shelves this spring. Anyway, hope you like the shot.

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1 Response to Little red house

  1. Love this shot and thinking I’d like it for my house … had a cool blue green for my wife’s and mine until she died (1996) thanks for the photos I got told always had to get permission .. is there another way? I though of this since you are able to sell like a lot of others .. slow and confused. wish it would get warm! Way too cold and this Saturday way low and I need to work at the church which is fine … Still put in my prayer for warmth! LOL

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