Surreal winter under blue sky


This one dates back to Jan 8th 2011. Yeah, I know the watermark says 2014, but I can’t find the 2011 watermark. I shot this during a walk through Glen Manor Ravine in the Beaches near my home. It’s beautiful down there, especially during the autumn. I got this shot by using a shutter of 1/15th of a second (very slow) and then quickly tilting the camera up about three inches while firing the shutter. Because of the slow speed, the sensor picked up the moment of the camera. You can get some pretty neat shots like this. Works best with lots of vertical lines, like trees. Takes a little practice top get the hang of it, but give it a try and  I guarantee you’ll capture something interesting the first time. If you find it’s too blurred, just increase your shutter speed to 1/30th of a second. Play about with it until you’re happy. Oh, and I shot this in shutter priority, meaning I controlled the shutter and let the camera decide on the aperture and ISO.

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2 Responses to Surreal winter under blue sky

  1. I can see what you mean by “surreal”. It’s almost Blair Witch style, but much more pleasant 🙂

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