Gooderham Building


Here’s a side shot of Toronto’s most famous flat iron building, at Church and Front. I got luck with the light on this one, as most times of year that side of the building is in unappealing shadow. I also got really lucky with this lone guy walking through my shot for perspective. There was all kinds of traffic passing by just at the right moment there was a break in it and he was in just the right position. That doesn’t happen every day. Hope you like it.

Question about portraiture editing software. I’ve been thinking of getting “Portrait Professional 12” to use as a Lightroom 5 plug-in. I know there is other editing software out there but I don’t know a lot about any of it. Does anyone have any experience with this software or perhaps other software along the same line? I’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations. Thanks.


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3 Responses to Gooderham Building

  1. yep, the lone guy, in all black no less, is a perfect addition to the shot

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