Dineen Coffee on Yonge

Sunday DwnTwn-24-EDITED

This is one of the most beautiful cafes in Toronto, in my opinion. Before the building was completely restored, it was so dilapidated I just assumed it would be torn down and replaced by another highrise condo. Instead, the owners restored it to all its original, magnificent glory. Even the cafe itself looks like a throwback to the ’40s. It’s on Yonge a couple of blocks south of the Eaton Centre. The only little quibble I have with the place is its staff. I’m pretty used to these sorts of specialty cafes having staff that think it’s tres cool to act all aloof and too good to be working there, but Dineen must have really worked hard to find the most stuck up hipster types in the city to run their cafe. I’ve been there twice and both times was served by a grim young server who simply has no clue that part of their job is to try to be friendly to the patrons. I’m actually surprised they somehow manage to scrape their noses off the ceiling long enough to get the coffee in the cup. That alone must take some talent, I suppose. Anyway, I don’t really recall if the coffee itself was any good, only that the servers believe their job is to make people feel small. I’d say it’s probably just me, but I always make an extra effort to be friendly and engaging with people whose job it is to serve the public.

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