Breakfast at Sunset Grill


When I saw her sit down I knew there was a shot there. Problem was, there was a table of people between us. Eventually they left and it was just me and her. But she kept looking over at me. I finally caught her when she was checking her phone. This was taken at the Sunset Grill downtown on my way to the pillow fight.

Coincidentally, I was on the radio (640 AM) yesterday, discussing the ethics and legality of photographing strangers in public spaces. Specifically, the segment was about some guy taking photos of women riding our public transit and then posting the shots to his instagram page, called something like Hot Women of the TTC or something. Anyway, I got to mention my site and they even went on it and mentioned it again. My stats for yesterday were ten times the usual, so that was a nice surprise.

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2 Responses to Breakfast at Sunset Grill

  1. Lovely shot. I am indeed subbed because of the AM640 show. Love your work, lazy or not 😉

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