Blue Umbrella


This one is from last summer, taken at Kensington Market. One of the no-so-secret tricks in photography is using things in a scene to naturally frame your subject. In this instance I’ve used the umbrellas to frame the two girls in the bottom right of the frame. And if you apply the rule of thirds to this shot you can see they are in that bottom right intersection. As well, the umbrellas sort of create leading lines to the girls. When you’re starting out this sort of thing can be hard to recognize, but in time it becomes very intuitive.  Anyway, today’s my first of a four day weekend. Yay me! And it’s also my first workout in a week. I had a terrible cold and had to put aside exercise while I recovered. Still not 100% but good enough to work out again. Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Blue Umbrella

  1. I love all the colors, and how the shot leads your eye to the girls in the distance. great shot.

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