Big bench with lovely girl on it


Here’s a portrait shot done with my wide angle lens. You have to be really careful with portraits done with wide angle lenses. If the subject is too far to the left or right, their face will be distorted. If you keep them dead centre, though, there’s almost no distortion. For portraits you’re far better off with a long lens, somewhere between 85mm and 135mm. The sharpest portrait lens Canon makes is a 135mm F2 L glass. For my money I’d rather own a 70-200mm f2.8 IS L glass. Then I’d have some flexibility when it comes to focal length. Many portrait photographers swear by this lens. Problem is, it costs over $2,000. As for my subject here, this is the person who was serving me lunch at a downtown pub. I won’t name it in order to protect her privacy.

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