Break time


This one dates back to last August. I remember it being a really hot day. I was out with the photo walks group and we’d been waling along all these residential streets, just baking away. I can never see anything remotely interesting on those streets lined with house after house. You see a squirrel, you shoo the squirrel. You see a cat, you get a couple of shots of the cat. You see a picket fence, you shoot it wide open to get a shallow depth of field. You see a window treatment or front door, you shoot that. 20 minutes later you’ve ran out of crap to shoot. Problem is, the walk lasts for another five hours. I don’t go on those walks anymore. I just can’t take it. But on this one we ended up down a back alley and I did find this dude to photograph. I like it. Probably the only half decent shot I got that day. Anyway, hope you like it too.

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