Random Street


I’ve notice lately — well, for a while now — that I no longer find random street photography shots of people basically just doing nothing all that interesting. I’m one of the Admins for the Toronto Street Photography page on Facebook, so I see these uninteresting random shots every day. Was a time when I snapped them and thought they meant something. Nowadays they mostly have no reason to be. And that’s the question I ask myself all the time when I am considering whether or not to raise my camera at something. Why? What does this scene or subject have that would be of interest for anyone to see? It’s just people on the street doing nothing. Most of the time I end up without an answer and then do not bother taking the shot. I think with experience I’ve become far more selective that way.

Then sometimes I’ll see something and while on the surface it might not be too engaging, on another level it just seems to work. At least for me, anyway. For you, perhaps not. With this shot I was interested in capturing some random people walking by the bus with the guy in the red chair on the side. I just got lucky with the lady on the left in the colourful outfit and walking with such terrific posture. On the right we’ve got some dude who seems to be looking at his phone. Then the lady in the foreground in red, which matches the chair on the side of the bus. And her head is situated in the space between the bus and the car ahead of it. The whole photos is one big random moment of nothing, but it’s balanced and in my mind it’s engaging and gives you plenty to look at. Hence why I’m posting it this evening.

Of course, you might look at the photo and read my comment and think, what the hell’s he talking about, it’s crap. But what I’m talking about is how over time you can learn to see so much more than is actually visible to others. You can almost feel the weight of the various elements in the photo and how they balance out. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well here, or just talking nonsense. Anyway, long story short, hope you like the shot.

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5 Responses to Random Street

  1. Frances says:

    That is why you are so awesome – you see all that! I don’t have that eye. Not the advanced eye that you have. I see the chair and the woman’s sweater – but didn’t see her head perfectly in between that space – like you do at that moment. You have such a talent!! I wish I saw everything you do and maybe over time I will. I notice different things now than I did in the beginning- but you are professional and I am still an amateur with a long way to !

  2. I like it and It looks like the colorful lady and her SO are carrying the boot to the theater … being careful not to tip it! =) I do love her outfit! And you think you see things! =) Hope the week is grand!

  3. Nelson says:

    I do not do street photography very often but when I do I happen to take a lot of photos for just a few at the end that do say something. Most of the time what a photo says is not as obvious as other type of photography where the subject is clear and most of the time in front, street photography is more vague

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