Black towers stretch to indigo sky


This is from back the beginning of May during a night walk with my buddy Brad. I like this big, wide angle shots. They seem to have almost a force to them. I also like how the black, yellow and blue compliment each other.

So it looks like I may be out of work in as soon as a month. Management is forcing me to take on a role I am not suited for, what with my anxiety and all. I’ve been sick about it since I first heard of it. My boss understands my predicament but this is coming down from above him, so his hands are tied. I’m staying one more month because one of our team members is on vacation for the last three weeks in July and I don’t want to leave our team short-handed. Once she gets back, well, we’ll see from there. What really bothers me is I’ve been there almost five years now and they’ve known about my anxiety and sleep issues for a long time, yet they don’t seem to give a shit. If I’m forced to go, you can bet I’ll be seeing a lawyer about it. I don’t think they are legally allowed to put me in a position they know will exacerbate my health issues. Anyway, we will see…

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  1. Hi Dave .. You know you will have to see a lawyer for the health issue but don’t let them get you involved with worker’s comp. I have a friend up there who could testify as to how ‘confused’ or ‘corrupt’ they are. I’ve had 30 years experience with them – need help or someone to talk with call me! I’m working at having the whole law rewritten adn workin to get the Federal government involved as well! Keep us both in prayer! =)

    • Thanks Rick. My situation doesn’t fall under a workers comp claim. It’s more along the lines of wrongful dismissal, at least in that area. But we shall see how it plays out. Best of luck to you.

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  2. Nelson says:

    When you accept a job, it becomes a legal contract and an employer cannot change those conditions unilaterally meaning they cannot force you into the new job.

    • True, but in this case I my team tends to rotate functions every now and again. The difference functions come with different complexities and some play on my strengths, others on my weaknesses. The function I’m being forced into plays directly into my weakest area. The person doing it doesn’t want to move either. So in a sense they can make the argument I’m within my job description. But the move is unnecessary and will hurt the team overall, along with me personally. It’s not coming from my boss, but from his boss, who doesn’t know what’s going on in the trenches and mostly won’t listen to reason.

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