In the shadows


Toronto’s a great city. It really is. Very multicultural. Lot’s to see and do. All the first world amenities. However, as a society we still haven’t figured out how to adequately provide for the less fortunate. I phrased it like that because I know our government truly cares and is really trying, but it’s just not easy and it’s very costly. People like to yell at the government and blame them for not doing enough. But the truth isn’t that they are not doing enough, it’s that the things we are doing are just not working. I wish there was more money we could invest into the issue, but having more money is not the same as knowing what the right answer to the problem is. We can’t buy a solution. Perhaps, and I’m certainly no expert here, we need to acknowledge our inability as a society to solve this and start looking for a better way. Part of the problem is we have a government filled with well intentioned people who won’t accept that what we are doing is not working. They will argue that the only issue is the lack of funding. Don’t get me wrong, their hearts are in the right place, but they don’t seem to be all that open to accepting defeat. How do you fix something if you refuse to first accept that it is broken. We need not only money but new ideas. There has to be a better way.

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