Night near Massy Hall


The windows look like they belong to a storefront of some kind, but it’s actually the emergency entrance to St Mike’s Hospital on Victoria St & Shutter St downtown. In the distance you can see the sign to the iconic Massey Hall. The last band I saw there was Damien Rice and it was awesome. I snapped this shot back in the fall of 2013.

So one more sleep before I get a whole week and a day off work. And boy do I need the break. To be honest, I’ve been pretty miserable at work lately. My job got changed and my new role is one I did not want and not at all pleased with. Rather than exploit my strengths it plays on my weaknesses. I don’t know how much longer I can go on hating work and going home every day feel defeated. But at least I have a week off to relax a bit and enjoy life, so to speak. Anyway, hope you like the photo.

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