Holy Hairdo!


I snapped this one almost exactly a year ago, near the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in downtown Toronto. That’s quite the do alright. With a profile like that I would have suggested perhaps something a little less “rooster” like, but what do I know about hairdos, right? Anyway, heading downtown today with camera in hand. Hoping to get some nice shots. It’s a beautiful day and the humidity’s finally gone and the temperature has dropped to a very pleasant 20 C, give or take. Have a great Sunday.

BTW, thought I’d mention I’ve got a new system for posting photos. Simply, three days of colour followed by three days of black & white. I think it works well.

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2 Responses to Holy Hairdo!

  1. Yes I like it! Color always makes me smile though I am not sure why?! Rick =)

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