My work, on the walls

LizzieAGO-199-EDITED LizzieAGO-196-EDITED LizzieAGO-195-EDITED LizzieAGO-194-EDITED LizzieAGO-162-EDITED LizzieAGO-168-EDITED LizzieAGO-167-EDITED LizzieAGO-170-EDITED LizzieAGO-172-EDITED LizzieAGO-189-EDITED LizzieAGO-187-EDITED LizzieAGO-178-EDITED LizzieAGO-179-EDITED LizzieAGO-177-EDITED

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I sold a bunch of my photography a couple of months back. Well, yesterday I made it downtown to the conference centre that purchased my work. The buyer was an interior design company working for the conference centre. I have to say, it was a bit surreal to see my prints on their walls. Some are quite large, actually. Anyway, I thought I’d share. Happy Friday.

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5 Responses to My work, on the walls

  1. I remember these and I am really happy for you! It energizes me and I thank you for that! Thanks for the encouragement! Hope the weekend is wonderful for you!!! Yea! Rick =)

  2. mondetrekker says:

    Well done, some great images there.

  3. Winny Wolfe says:

    Congrats! Your talent is evident, and it’s nice to see this! 🙂

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