Holy ceiling!


This is the inside of a downtown bank, in Toronto’s financial district. Just beautiful beyond words. I wonder if the people who work there even notice it anymore, or has spending 40 hours a week in that environment desensitized them to the beauty that surrounds them? I actually shot this same ceiling through one of the bank’s windows at night and it’s one of the photographs I sold to the conference centre. Anyway, I went to dinner with a friend last night and saw the movie “The Martian” afterwards. It was a really good movie but we had to see it in 3D, which I don’t really like. But definitely worth your time. Happy Sunday.

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2 Responses to Holy ceiling!

  1. Winny Wolfe says:

    Lovely photo!
    Husband and I went on a Trans-Canada road trip Sept. 1- Sept. 30, and wondered the same thing about the people living near the mountains in Banff, Revelstoke etc. and the Pacific ocean in Tofino. Is it just “there”? Would we become so used to the views that we didn’t notice any more?

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