Casting shadows


I found this spot on Queen outside the Eaton Centre where the light from a building across the street was bouncing back off another set of windows and then down onto the sidewalk towards me. I knew that whoever walked through that spot would be sorta backlit and would cast some serious shadows. I snapped a bunch of different people but of them all this was the shot that worked out best.

So tomorrow we vote for a Prime Minister and Party in the federal election. It’s a very close race and to be honest there just isn’t anyone to vote for. They all stink to high hell for wildly different reasons. I really want to do my civic duty but no matter the outcome we Canadians will lose. I might just stay home. We’ll see.

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2 Responses to Casting shadows

  1. It’s got to stop if it’s even in the original selection … we need to learn how when we can in each country. They may be pathetic but we are worse! thanks for the comment! Rick =)

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