The Mothership


So I made it out yesterday for a photo walk. I haven’t been out with the camera since I shot the Ripley’s Aquarium back in the middle of October. And I hooked up with the Toronto Photo Walks group, which is the first time since last winter or maybe early spring. Yesterday’s theme was to shoot people; strangers in the street. I got a couple I like and I’ll share them later in the week. This one was taken at an indoor mall called Atrium on the Bay. I was on the escalator and shot straight up to the ceiling many stories above. I didn’t think much of it in camera, but was pleasantly surprised in post editing once I flipped it to black & white. Hope you like it. Happy Sunday.

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2 Responses to The Mothership

  1. Winny Wolfe says:

    Triiiiippppppppy! Cool shot. 😎

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