Free info on Islam


The dude in the suit was sorta hanging around Dundas Square. I’d seen him down there before on plenty of occasions. A friend mentioned he was a street performer who did card tricks. That must have been why he was familiar to me. I wanted to get a photo of him next to the red arrow on the wall (see photo a couple posts back) but he moved before I could set up the shot. Then this scene came together and I liked the contrast between him and that sign Islam in the background. I also liked how it really shows the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. It’s a busy street scene but I think it works. Hope you like it and happy Sunday.

On a separate note. I just want to say to anyone from France who is visiting my site, you are in our, Canada’s, prayers this weekend. There was a vigil yesterday afternoon out front of City Hall where hundreds showed up to offer their support and condolences. We feel your pain.

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