Last hurrah


By “last hurrah” I’m speaking of the end of fall and start of winter. I took this one a week back downtown near Ryerson University. It wasn’t a great day but it was still pretty reasonable, temperature wise. It’s gotten much colder now. Anyway, I thought I’d try some creative processing here with the colour. Not sure what you’ll think. I usually don’t play around like this but wanted something a little different. Hope you like it.

So this weekend I finally got through all my folders of photos and have now whittled down my short list for the two books to 500+ black & whites and 400+ colour shots. I’m thinking of doing a book of each, but with a limit of 80 2-sided pages. That’s under 160 photos per book when you consider any righting and such. So I’ve got a lot more “whittling down” to do in my future. I’m planning on getting some help once I’ve got it as short as I can get is, with my subjective eye. Then I’ll bring in an objective one to help me finish it.

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3 Responses to Last hurrah

  1. Winny Wolfe says:

    Like what you did with the colours 🙂

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