The girl in the green hijab


To be honest, I’m not entirely sure she was wearing a hijab. But the way the light was hitting it as she walked down University Ave, I had to grab a photo. This is a good example of why I’m so keen on image stabilized lenses (or bodies). I didn’t even stop when I snapped this. I was walking at her pace and just fired off a shot. Admittedly, at 1/250th shutter it was pretty fast to begin with, which would help with freezing any motion or shake. But with the lens having IS, it only helps. It’s especially great when taking hip shots, as I often do. I wish prime lenses has IS built in. Alternatively, I could buy a Sony A7R II, which has in-body IS (image stabilization) but I hear the auto-focus still can’t match that of a full frame pro level DSLR. Plus, they don’t have a lot of lens option yet. What I hoping for, and it’s very likely not going to come, is in-body IS on the upcoming Fuji X Pro 2. Fuji is doing an awesome job with their lenses, but most aren’t image stabilized and neither are their cameras. Anyway, we’ll find out come mid-January. Hope you like the photo.

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4 Responses to The girl in the green hijab

  1. Dan Traun says:

    I employ auto-ISO in addition to IS lenses. Min shutter speed 1/250; max ISO 800. That helps tremendously with my windshield photography. I often just raise my camera to fire off a frame of something that just came into view in front or beside me while driving. I can’t put too much attention on taking the actual photo. I’ve put almost two years into perfecting this method; it still isn’t perfect, but I’m o.k. with the results.

    • Cool. My camera also allows for a min./max/ ISO range in auto mode. On really dark, cloudy days I’ll set the min. ISO to 200 (sometimes 400) and the max to 1600 and let the camera decide the ISO from there. It guarantees a fast shutter.

  2. Dan Traun says:

    I find it interesting when the hijab is used as a cell phone holder – a new twist on hands-free. I’ve been trying like crazy to catch this in a photo.

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