Rob Ford Ex-Mayor


I took this one back in May of 2012 but only processed it recently. No other mayor has brought such controversy to Toronto’s City Hall. His first year was pretty good, actually. Toronto has always had a spending problem and he came into office determined to fix it. Our public transit was made into an essential service, meaning the public sector union could no longer hold the city hostage for more money and less work. He contracted out garbage collection to the private sector in the west end, which resulted in better service for many millions less in cost. The lefty councillors who were drunk on blowing money needlessly hated him because he reined in spending. In all he saved the city several hundred million.

However, and it’s a HUGE however, he also created a big divide between the downtown folks (Toronto proper) and the surrounding suburbs. His time in office was filled with endless drama for its own sake. And that was BEFORE the crack scandal.

Once he was outed for using crack and for being a raging alcoholic, even his moderate supporters could no longer make excuses for his behavior, me included. His days were numbered and it was all his own doing.

Oddly, though, even after everything there was still a large enough fan base that he was still a contender for re-election. His bought of cancer put an end to that. But still, his brother Doug Ford took over and continued his race for mayor and managed to beat the lefty front runner, Olivia Chow. For me, that was the only saving grace, that she didn’t get her hands on our money. Thank GOD.

In the end, we ended up with a somewhat famous businessman as our new mayor. John Tory. He’s a sensible guy who wants to work with everyone to get things done. So far he’s been a relatively good mayor. The big worry now is negotiations with the city unions are coming up and it remains to be seen if he will be as successful as Ford was with them.

Anyway, these anti-Ford posters were stuck up all over the city back then (and this was before the crack scandal broke) by tax and spend lefties and public sector unions goons who cannot stand anyone who is fiscally responsible.

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