No way to spend Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2015-179-EDITED

Here’s another shot from the 25th. I’m always surprised at the number of homeless/street people I see downtown on Christmas day every year. Some are the same people I’ve seen for years now. This year, with Canada falling all over itself to help the Syrian refugees (I totally support helping, don’t get me wrong), it made it that much harder to see our own people sleeping on the pavement. Every single Syrian refugee we’ve brought into Canada in the past few weeks is sleeping in a warm bed, every one of them. Yet this guy, we don’t have anything for him. I did see some people going around handing out small back packs filled with supplies, like socks and scarfs and toiletries, but we’ve been doing that for years. You can’t get someone off the pavement with a pair of socks. If only these poor, forgotten souls were refugees. Maybe then we’d get all excited about saving them. Just saying…

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2 Responses to No way to spend Christmas Day

  1. Truer words could not be spoken … If we don’t take care of our own first and get stronger, then we will not be able to care for anyone!

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