Smoke by post

Christmas Day 2015-214-EDITED

Obviously I liked the hand holding the cigarette. We don’t know a thing about the person behind it. Not even if it’s a man or woman. Only after I snapped the shot did the person step out into view, breaking the spell. I think shots like this leave a lot to the imagination and that’s why I like them. They are also somewhat quirky and odd, which I find appealing.

But it’s the rest of the scene that bring it together for me. Those three doors with the three round windows like portholes in them and three red signs about them. They fit perfectly into the upper right of the frame.

As a whole I like the composition and the fact that it isn’t only the hand and cigarette that is standing out here. Nothing seems too overpowering and the shot seems well balanced to my eye. It’s not too busy but also the subject matter isn’t smacking you over the head.

Not sure if I’m really explaining it well. Wish I had a photo to better show you what I mean. Oh, riiight…

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe tonight.

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2 Responses to Smoke by post

  1. Winny Wolfe says:

    Love this! ♥

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