Winter cyclist


I snapped this during my outing downtown on New Years Day. The hotdog stand was unmanned, as you’d expect on such a cold and lonely day. The thing is, I was attracted to this shot for what was not in it. I see this empty hotdog cart and think of warm August afternoons with people lined up to get their dog on. The hustle and bustle of downtown traffic and people walking to and from their offices in the sky. This area of the financial district is one of the busiest spots in Toronto during the weekday, especially in the summer.

On NYD, though, it was dead.

My plan was to shoot the cart alone, but I couldn’t resist getting the cyclist in since that’s an oddity on a cold and windy winter day. The main thing I was trying to capture was the unusual emptiness of an area that’s usually overwhelmingly busy. Also, while it is a winter shot, the presence of the street vendor’s cart brought back memories of warmer times.

Anyway, hope you like it.

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