Mid winter in Toronto, Canada


If you clicked on a link to this without actually seeing the photo, you’re probably expecting like three feet of snow and a cloudy, gray day. This winter in Toronto, however, has been very reasonable. This shot was taken January 23rd, which is typically -5 with a wind-chill of maybe -15 to 20. I don’t recall what the temp was, but there was no snow, and there still isn’t. Yesterday it was +8 C out, for instance. This Wednesday it’s supposed to be +10 C (50 F.). Now that’s my kind of winter.

What really drew me to this scene was the building was perfectly back lit by the setting sun. Made it sort of glow around the edges. I got lucky with that one.

You might be wondering about the cab, as in did it just photo bomb my shot. Nope. I saw him making a right from Front onto Church and waited for him to get in the shot. I thought it might add another element to the whole scene. I think it works. Hope you like it, and Happy Monday.

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2 Responses to Mid winter in Toronto, Canada

  1. Ludo says:

    Toronto looks beautiful! The only city I visited that had that luminosity, colours and this gorgeous light travelling through old and new buildings was Boston. You obviously manage to emphasise it all through your photography.

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