Brookfield Place


I shot this a couple of weeks back. Got luck with that late afternoon sunshine beaming in. I waited and shot numerous people walking through my sunbeam until just the right person came along. Maybe it took five or so minutes of my time. I probably should have waited longer until someone spectacular arrived, but I am after all the LAZY photographer, right? As for the location, this is the nicest atrium in Toronto. Whenever I’m downtown I can’t help but walk through this place. The World Press Photo Foundation holds their annual photography exhibit here. That’s always a treat. Anyway, Monday’s done and only four days until the long weekend. Next Monday is Family Day here in Ontario, a stat holiday, which means a three day weekend. Have a great week.

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2 Responses to Brookfield Place

  1. WinnyWolfe says:

    One of our fav spots as well, when in town. I googled Family Day, as I thought it wasn’t a stat holiday but you’re absolutely right! Interesting post here about it with some facts, and the comments are worth reading too. 🙂

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