Rockin’ the air guitar on Yonge


This guy must have been on something. When he wasn’t playing air guitar he was dancing around and yelling and talking to himself. Of course it might have been a mental health issue, I don’t really know. As for the photo, I wish I’d shot it with room to crop, instead of keeping it tight. Then I could have balanced the Starbucks sign in the photo, rather than having room to the left of it and no room to the right. That’s one of the benefits of a full frame camera, you capture enough detail and information that you can easily crop the shot afterwards, in post processing. In this case I took a bunch of photos and some of them are composed in a perfectly balanced manner but lack anything interesting, while this one shows the guy doing his thing but leaves no room for a balanced crop. So why not just crop the left, you might be wondering. I like that woman walking and to crop the left would put her at the edge of my frame, which is not appealing. Anyway, live and learn, right? Hope you like it.

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