Opposite directions


I shot this back in late September out front of the AGO )Art Gallery of Ontario). While I was attracted to the contrast between all the men heading in one direction and the lady heading in the opposite direction, it was also the grouping, or placement, of the people that I thought was really working here. Hope you like it.

Tomorrow I’ll post one of my shots from yesterday, taken with my 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I never use it but decided yesterday to go for a walkabout downtown with it. It was odd not having the luxury of a zoom lens and also not having image stabilization. I didn’t get that many shots but did manage to get a few I liked.

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3 Responses to Opposite directions

  1. great photo!!

    also, I had forgotten how good you blog is. I’m definitely coming back into blog surfing… too much time behind the scenes of maintaining one of your own!! 🙂

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