I got out Friday evening with a buddy for some night shooting. Didn’t get home until after midnight and didn’t get to bed until 1:30 AM. Totally ruined yesterday for me and I’m still recovering today. With my sleep issues as they are, I just cannot stay up past maybe 10:30 without paying some price the next day. But I did manage to get some nice shots while out and about downtown. We came across a large crane being assembled on Bloor and watched that for a while, which was neat. Got some cool shots, too. This crane was only there to assist in the assembly of the much larger crane. Apparently they were planning on moving some heating/cooling units to the rooftop of a highrise in the morning. Anyway, Happy Sunday. Hope you like it.

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  1. Hi Dave, Hope the week has started well! I was in Grove PA and Limerick working for Bechtel Power out of SF. As a project co-coordinator i get to learn a lot! They lost a lot as did I when I left. Happens too often. I mention this a a crane ‘blew up’ while there. An operating engineer tried to use the boom on a manatowoc (sp) and it collapsed right on that mark! The operator was thrown at least 50 feet as I recall. He knew better and if so then why? Forgot? In a Hurry? though trained expertly – he(she) – knew better? Like in life we know better and at least have knowledge that it goes against everything we learn or were taught. Why do it if we know destruction is always the result? =) Maybe we should find out more! Double check! Rick =)

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