Coffee Girls

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I shot this on a lovely autumn afternoon in mid October last fall while walking around a trendy neighbourhood called Yorkville. When the big Hollywood stars visit Toronto to promote a new film or work on a movie in town, they often stay in one of the swanky Yorkville hotel and eat at the local high priced restaurants. Basically, it’s where people go who want to be seen and who want to see others. I’ve actually never seen a famous person there, but to be honest I don’t bother looking for them. I have seen some incredibly expensive sports cars, though.

Anyway, another weekend begins. I’m off to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) tomorrow to see the photography exhibition called The Outsiders. I saw it a couple of weeks back, but a friend with season tickets is taking me again. Then a lunch downtown, and maybe I’ll make it to this year’s annual pillow fight out front of city hall. I shot it last year and it was lots of fun. Just wish the weather was going to be better. Hope you have a grand weekend.

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