Waxy folk on Queen


I shot this a week or so back during a walkabout downtown. This is in a rough area known as Moss Park. It’s more a “down and out” area, actually, with a lot of disadvantaged people with various mental health issues — drugs, alcohol, that sort of thing. Right near here someone was died in the street of gunshot wounds just a days after I shot this. Anyway, this is a store that sells, well, I don’t really know. They always put out these mannequins and I’ve shot them in the past. The funny thing is, I find it difficult to get the composition just right. It’s good practice shooting static objects like this. Helps you learn what’s working and what’s not working. Hopefully you figure out the why behind it all. I have a second shot that I think works, but to my eye I seem to find this one more attractive. I’ll post the other down the road at some point. Hope you like it.

Oh, and I shot this with my 16-35mm wide angle lens @ 16mm, then cropped it to a square format.

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