Facebook update at night


I shot this last May during a night walk with my buddy Brad. I meant to post it sooner but it must have gotten away from me. I usually post photos from recent outings and ones that don’t get posted end up sort of forgotten, until I scroll way down my list and stumble upon them. Anyway, this was shot downtown in the financial district. I saw the phone lighting the faces of the two girls and shot from the hip. I’m surprised it came out, seeing as my shutter was a mere 1/20th of a second. The ISO is 6400, which is very high, but it still came out okay. I’m sure it would look way worse if I tried to make a poster sized print of it, but since I’m not then who cares, right?

So no photography this weekend. Spent both days outside in the yard doing spring cleanup. It was a lot of work but I feel good that it’s done. I still have one last day out there, which might come next weekend, we’ll see. Hope you had a nice weekend too.

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2 Responses to Facebook update at night

  1. Chas Spain says:

    The way her face is illuminated like the buildings behind – really nice

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