Alley in light and shadow


I shot this last September during a walk downtown with my friend Lizzie. The way the light was bouncing off the building on the right onto the one on the left was amazing. I had my wide angle 16-35 lens on, which added some nice distortion to the image. Maybe if someone had been walking down that alley at the time it would have made for an even better shot. Still, I’m very happy with it.

So I’m on vacation for a week. I’ve been thinking about renting a Fuji camera, for at least the weekend, to try it out. Maybe the X100T, which I can get for $60. The X Pro 2 with a 23mm f1.4 lens on it would cost double that. Still undecided, but we’ll see. Hope you have a nice weekend. It’s a long weekend here in Canada, to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. Enjoy.

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