Patio shadows


Got out for a long walk yesterday. 11.25 kms to be exact. Made my way to Toronto’s Distillery District, which was packed with folks enjoying the weather and the weekend long art festival going on there. I was attracted to this shot because of the shadow play from the trellis and umbrellas. A person in the shot might have helped it, I don’t know.

Today I’m back out to who knows where. I might walk the harbour front for something different. I was also debating driving to another cool area I don’t visit often called Liberty Village. We’ll see…

This week while I’m off I was thinning about renting a Fuji camera. I called the shop and they said Fuji has a “try before you buy” promotion on where you sign up and can have a camera and two other items for three days at no cost. You have to leave a credit card deposit but that’s fine. I was thinking to try the X Pro 2 with the 23mm f1.4 prime and perhaps the 16mm f1.4 prime. I might have to rent a spare battery, though. Alternatively, I might just rent the X100T, which has a 23mm f2 fixed lens on it. In full frame format that equates to a 35mm prime lens. Anyway, so maybe you’ll be seeing some photos from me with a different camera later in the week.

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