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FujiXPro 2-143-EDITED

I shot this with a Fuji X Pro 2, with a 23mm (35mm full frame equivalent) f1.4 on it. Go the camera for a three day tryout on Friday, returning it tomorrow. Because of a Fuji promo going on right now, it didn’t even cost me a penny.

I processed this in Lightroom but I don’t have any Fuji profiles imported so I’m sure this could be better. This was also shot in jpeg, which I used for the first day out. I’m going out again today and will shoot Raw.

I love the camera, but the battery life just sucks and they didn’t give me a second battery. It lasted only a few hours on Friday before dying, maybe four. If I were to buy it I’d definitely need one, if not two, extra batteries.

Auto focus was good but noticeably slower than with my Canon 5D Mrk III. In fairness, my Canon is a super fast focuser. On the other hand, for $1,900 (body only) I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the auto focus to be an issue at all with a pro level camera like the X Pro 2.

One thing that was an unexpected surprise was how few people on the street noticed me taking photos of them, even when I was pretty close. With my huge Canon when I left it to my face everyone notices. And the shutter noise is waaay quieter, which is helpful.

I did miss not having a zoom lens, and although Fuji does make a superb 16-55mm f2.8, it is HUGE on this little camera. Sort of defeats the purpose of carrying around a small body. Best to stick to prime lenses, in my view. But that also means you’re going to be constantly missing shots and also switching lenses here and there. And to switch lenses means carrying additional lenses all the time. I like to go out with no camera bag, just the camera and strap. With the Fuji I can’t see that happening, or at least not very often. Even if I go out with just the prime on it, I still need to carry extra batteries.

So would I buy one? Well, it’s $1,900 and then I’d want the lens, which is on sale right now for like $750 or something. I’d also want the 16mm f1.4, which is also on sale for $850 or so, then later I’d want the 56mm f1.2, which costs around $1,200. I won’t bother with the math but you can see it adds up to a lot of money. If I was made of money I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Later in June when I’m off work again I’m picking up a smaller Fuji X100T. It has a fixed 23mm f2 lens (35mm full frame equivalent). I’ll try that for three days and see what I think. It costs around $1,350, but since the lens is fixed there’s no additional investment in lenses required. The benefit for me with this camera is it would truly be only a second camera to my Canon 5D. For serious shooting I’d take out the 5D but when I just wanted to be out and about and not carrying a huge camera, I’d take the X100T. As much as I love the X Pro 2, the X100T might make more sense in the long run.

Anyway, there you have it.

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