Kid’s got a job


Not sure if he was waiting for a reading or the actual psychic. But man did he was a look about him. I struggled with whether or not to keep the little alley to the right in the shot. The focus would be more on the boy and the graffiti without it, but I think it adds a little mystery to the photo. Like, what’s down that alley?

Anyway, this is another one I took with the Fujifilm X Pro 2 and the 23mm f1.4 on it. It was simply a joy to use as I walked through Kensington Market. Funny, I was thinking that even a tad wider would be a good fit for me, and low and behold Fuji secured a patent for a 20mm f1.8 lens, which is about a 30mm full frame equivalent. That would be about perfect for my style.

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2 Responses to Kid’s got a job

  1. Brian Harris says:

    Hi Dave, I think u actually have 3 shots there. Crop out just to the right of the boy and it leads you down the alley. Crop out the right side just to the left of the number graffiti then it’s just the boy and graffiti and your original shot. Great image just the way it is too

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