Colourful Queen Street


I shot this today with the Fujifilm X100T. I picked one up for three day “try before you buy” promotion. No charge. So far it’s a pretty cool camera; however, the auto focus is a tad slow compared to the X Pro 2 and both are slow compared to my Canon 5S Mrk III. Also, you can forget about firing off two or three shots in quick succession. With this shot, for instance, I fired it off and then waited for the girl to get closer before firing off the “keeper” shot. Problem was, the camera wasn’t ready to fire yet so I missed it. For my style of shooting, I really need a fast camera. Or I need to learn to slow right down. Another thing is I’m finding the X100T to be a little small in my hand, whereas the X Pro 2 fits like a glove for me. I’ve got it for two more days so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m already leaning towards the X Pro 2, if I do buy a second camera.

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