Hudson’s on Queen


I noticed this slim wedge of light cutting across Queen Street and riding up the wall of the Bay and knew it could make a nice shot, with the right subject caught in that narrow wedge. Problem was: cars, cars and more cars. Took me a while before there was both a break in traffic and the right person cutting across my light wedge. I missed a couple of shots of cyclists riding through that light because of cars, but what can you do.

So I’m off to meet a couple dozen photographers from the Toronto Street Photography Facebook group for a lunch meet up downtown. I’ve never hosted anything like this, at least not since I was a young man. Should be fun. After the meet and greet we’ll do a little walkabout downtown. I’m once again shooting with the Fujifilm X Pro 2, but this time with the 16mm f1.4 prime on it. It’s a nice lens but my copy has an issue with the flare. If I’d purchased this, I’d be taking it back now for a replacement. But since it’s going back today anyway, I don’t care. It only affects things when you shoot with the sun directly in the shot.

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