Cyclist in a wedge of light


This is how I like to begin my walkabouts, catching a good shot almost right away. It seems to set the tone for the day. In this case I had just parked and turned the corner when I noticed this interesting wedge of light on a building. Problem was, I had no subject. So I waited. People walked through the light and I shot them. But it really wasn’t all that interesting. I waited some more. Finally, a cyclist came riding down the street and I knew he was what I was looking for, and I snapped this.

Sometimes you see half a shot and have to wait for the rest of the parts to come together. Patience and timing is the cornerstone to street and landscape photography. With landscapes, often you are waiting for the clouds to move into a perfect position or for the sun to illuminate a certain patch of pasture. If you’re patient, it can be rewarding. Take your time and enjoy.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your Saturday.

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5 Responses to Cyclist in a wedge of light

  1. well timed! Enjoy your Saturday!!!

  2. Khitos says:

    You got lucky, but you got the shot! Incredible 🙂

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