The mall


I shot this at the Eaton Centre, Toronto’s largest mall in the heart of downtown. I thought that at f8 everything would be pretty much in focus but I guess because I was focusing on the railing, which was pretty close to where I was standing, the depth of field was still too shallow. I probably should have stopped down to f11 or even f16, but narrowing my aperture would have cut my shutter speed in half. This was shot at 1/60th of a second, so there really wasn’t room to go much slower. Of course, I could have compensated for the narrower aperture by upping my ISO but since I was already at 1600, two stops would have taken me to 6400, which would have added unwanted noise. So there you have it. Oh, I should mention that I was attracted to the angles at this spot.

Have a great day.

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